Rescue wild horses soon to roam freely again

Great news!  We are thrilled to announce our final phase in the momentous WFLF Monero-Mustang Rescue and Recovery Mission. Over 150 wild horses that had previously lost everything and had become in grave risk of slaughter, were rescued by the Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) in 2014, and those that were not adoptable were welcomed into WFLF’s wild horse recovery center where they began arriving last summer. We are thrilled to announce that a number of these horses will soon be ready to leave WFLF's transitional recovery center in Southern California for new beginnings.

WFLF founded the WFLF Monero Rescue and Recovery Mission to save the lives of these majestic wild
horses and has since continued to provide for the ongoing feed, care and housing for over 50 of them, including incoming foals, pregnant and nursing mares and others with special medical needs.  The final leg of this special mission opens the door so that the legacy of the Monero-Mustangs can live on. In addition to assuring a second chance at life for these victimized horses, through this final phase, these horses will soon be able to live life where they can roam freely, and experience peace in a safe haven environment.  

But funds are urgently needed to pay costs for fuel/ transport and to supply quality hay and vet care through this crucial time of transition. Time is of the essence to get them safely transported before the hot summer months kick in.

Your assistance is needed to help us raise needed funds to make this opportunity a reality for this special group of Mustangs.  Will you help us assure a bright future for these wild horses that have previously suffered and lost so much? We are doing our best to secure these funds in a time when there is little to share. We are relying on $5, 10 and $20 donations from good, caring, horse loving people that want to see America's wild horses have a fighting chance against those that have been killing them and relentlessly exploited them, and driving them to near extinction.  Please help us now. Your tax deductible donation to the Wild For Life Foundation will help pay for their needed transport and lifesaving provisions so that we can successfully carry out and complete this monumental rescue mission. Will you help us meet this challenge by making a donation today? Will you also share this and ask your friends to match your donation? We truly cannot do this without you. Please stand by us now. Use the link below to make a donation now. Thank you!"

Or to donate by mail, please send a check or money order to:
Wild For Life Foundation
19510 Van Buren Blvd, Ste F3236
Riverside, CA 92508

We are truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity, and with your continued support these horses will soon be able to embark on this next momentous leg of their very special journey and begin their new lives on open pastures in Northern California. Please consider making a meaningful donation to help us carry out this important mission.  Wild for Life Foundation is an all volunteer nonprofit charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving wild and domestic equines. Your gift is tax deductible and will be directly utilized to help these horses.

With gratitude,
Katia Louise, President
The Wild For Life Foundation
Saving America's Horses

New horse slaughter legislation in the U.S.

Take action to help end U.S. horse slaughter
May 10, 2015- 
The Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act was just reintroduced in the House by Rep. Frank Guinta (R-NH) and in the Senate by Sen. Menendez, Robert [D-NJ]. If passed by both the House and the Senate this bill would prohibit the slaughter of horses in the United States for human consumption, as well as the export of live horses for the same purpose.

Take action to help end the possibility of U.S. horse slaughter by sending an automated letter of support to Rep. Frank C Guinta. [R-NH-1]. With your support both people and horses would be protected by this new legislation.

Watch and share this PSA’s from WFLF-SAH, ""Health Alert: Toxic substances and the Human food chain"".

In the absence of federal protection, over 100,000 American wild and domestic horses and burros are shipped across federal borders to slaughter plants in Mexico and Canada each year. What most people don't realize is that 92% of the horses sent to slaughter are sound, young and healthy. These are among America’s finest and brightest horses; champion show horses, Thoroughbred racehorses, summer camp ponies and even wild horses taken from their native lands, but the resounding evidence of cruelty to equines inside the U.S. once they are designated as food animals is chilling. And, America’s horses are treated with many substances known to be toxic to humans; substances that can be lethal when ingested by humans, and many of which have been banned from the human food chain in most countries.  All this, and yet horse slaughter proponents are continuing to push for the reopening of horse slaughter plants in the U.S.
Now more than ever, we need to build support and momentum to save the horses and end this cruelty.
Stand and be heard - Stand united for the horses.

GET FACTS and TOOLS you can use to make a difference: Saving America's Horses Facts and Tools


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When calls and requests come in to help desperate animals in need, we cry every time we have to say no.

At WFLF's Saving America's Horses Initiative, we want to save and help as many animals as possible, but sometimes tough choices must be made.  As a non-profit charity operating in today’s uncertain economy, we value every individual gift that allows us to continue our lifesaving community services to horses in need.

We have stepped up during very troubled times and we are doing our best to secure ongoing funds in a time when there is little to share.  Although we have successfully saved and helped numerous horses from across the country, we realize that not all animals can be saved.  And during these uncertain times it is a leap of faith to say 'yes'.  

We are committed to doing the utmost for all the animals served through our lifesaving mission, from feeding starved and homeless horses to rescuing and providing for the essential needs of those who have come through our doors. 

For these incoming cruelty victims that have already suffered and lost so much, their rescue is just the beginning of a long and dedicated endeavor to provide the best quality of life possible for them. Click to make a difference

Just over the last eighteen months we have rescued and provided emergency and ongoing care for more than 200 imperiled, neglected, starved and homeless wild horses.  While we were indeed successful in saving and permanently re-homing over one hundred and twenty five of these horses, not all of them were adoptable.  

We took that leap of faith when over 75 horses from the devastating Navajo roundups and the Monero's imperiled wild Spanish Mustangs had nowhere else to go.  With your past and pledged support, we promised them that they would be reunited with their family bands, and that their fate would not be to end up in auction yards around the country or on dinner plates abroad.

Today we are sincerely and humbly asking for your help. Funds are urgently needed to pay costly hay and vet bills for horses in need. Please help us now. We truly cannot do this lifesaving without you. Will you help us by making a donation? Will you also share this and ask your friends to match your donation? Wild For Life Foundation cannot do this alone. Please stand by us now. Click here to make a donation today. Thank you
Saving America's Horses

Wild For Life Foundation