March 17, 2017, Riverside, CA - "WE ARE THE NAME WE CARRY" - Call to ACTION Advocacy  Campaign with HONOR AND INTEGRITY from SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES.

At SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES we are the name we carry. We embrace integrity and see our
mission to save, protect, defend and preserve our equine family as a sacred trust.

Chief Spiritual Leader, Daniel "Eagle Warrior" Ramos, Choctaw Muskogee Yamassee Nation has said to me, ""When the Great Spirit gives you one of the Sacred's to take care of, you have a obligation and responsibility to do just that. In our culture, when you are given Sacreds to carry our obligation and responsibility is not for our selves but the Sacred Medicine we carry and take care of, in a "good way". When you carry the Sacredness with all of your Being and Breath of Life you BECOME ONE with that SACRED, AHO MiTAKUYE OYSIN!""

"Saving America's Horses" is the name that was brought to us through the spirit of the horse Nation."  said Katia Louise, filmmaker, SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES: A NATION BETRAYED. "Our four-legged relatives, the horse Nation have carried us as people through history. And we have come to a place in time when they need us to carry them," 

SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES "WE ARE THE NAME WE CARRY" is a Call to Action on a personal level to walk in the path of justice and integrity for America's horses, to exercise courage as we take care of those who are weaker, and to carry your own name in honor of the clear and unwavering principals of integrity.

Through SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES, we're fighting against the destructive efforts by the Bureau of Land Management to exterminate the last of America’s wild horses and burros in the wild. And, were fighting to save thousands of wild and domestic equines who are systemically mistreated, removed, and transported across federal borders for human consumption abroad. 

We're vigorously working to save, protect, preserve, defend and provide for abused, neglected, abandoned and slaughter bound wild and domestic equines, and educate the public, in effort to raise compassion and improve the standards of protection for America’s equine populations as a whole.

Help us fight against malicious acts and efforts that impugn the ethical standards that SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES fights every day to uphold.   


CALL TO ACTION: Protect Animal Cruelty Victims from Perpetrators of Malicious Harm

CALL TO ACTION: Protect Animal Cruelty Victims from Perpetrators of Malicious Harm

March 9, 2017 Riverside, CA - Urgent CALL TO ACTION - Keep innocent victimized animals out of the clutches of cruelty and neglect perpetrators!

The Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) is calling on all humanitarians, animal lovers and caring and compassionate members of the horse and burro communities to unite and stand strong against malicious acts of harm which threaten innocent animal victims' health, safety and future welfare by supporting WFLF's Legal Protection and Defense Fund.

Tax deductible donations can be made securely online or by mail and will instantly help to serve justice for neglect and cruelty victims whose very lives are under threat right now.

Cinco, pictured here just after his rescue, shows you the state these help  less creatures were discovered in by WFLF. There were approximately 150 stranded Mustangs crammed together on a feedlot where there was no running water and no hay. Cinco, a newborn foal languished, pinned beneath a fence post , trapped since birth and in severe distress.

Cinco and the last of the surrendered survivors have fully recovered and are thriving as a result of WFLF's rescue and sanctuary mission - thanks to you - BUT NOW HIS FUTURE MAY BE AT RISK AGAIN!

We need you now, more than ever, to be sure that justice is served ... to be sure that animals like
poor Cinco won't be stripped away from his safe and loving home, so he won't EVER have to suffer or be threatened by threats of harm again.

Make no mistake - this is a battle for the very existence of animal welfare and rights of our community as a people to save and protect them. Any donation you make will be used to fight this urgent, precedent-setting legal battle and to support the ongoing lifesaving protective work for animals that WFLF and its Saving America's Horses program conducts every day of the year. 

Approximately 150 slaughter bound Mustangs crammed together on a feedlot where there was no running water and no hay. The surrendering owner came to us pleading for help, and we saved them all.

And now the previous owner; the one responsible for their sad faces and uncertain future, has summoned US to court in effort to get these last few thriving survivors back. And they're demanding money from WFLF in "an amount to punish" us and "set an example"!

Punish US? What about justice for Cinco and his long-suffering family? That's what you can bring about today.

Please rush your tax-deductible donation today to WFLF's Legal Protection & Defense Fund. Ensure that justice will be served for animals like Cinco, who have no one but us to speak on their behalf.


Wild for Life Foundation
Atten: Justice for Horses
19510 Van Buren Blvd, Ste F3236
Riverside, CA 92508

Contributions to Wild for Life Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
Federal ID No. 26-3052458

Vindication for Wild For Life Foundation and its Equine Protection and Rescue Program

UPDATE: FEB 4, 2017

On January 19, 2017, in response to false reports and allegations against Wild for Life Foundation, Sgt. Huennekens of the Riverside County Animal Care and Control promptly inspected the horses in the care and custody of Wild for Life Foundation and issued the following statement. "All of the animals are in good weight. The paint horse with the bad knee came to the rescue several years ago in its present condition and is on previcox for any discomfort. The dark bay horse shown, in the photographs was in excellent condition with no signs of any health issues. All of the pens the horses are kept in are in good condition and are of adequate size. The horse with the large hernia was bright, alert, and appeared to be in otherwise good condition. Case closed, Sgt. Huennekens."  

The UNFOUNDED allegations of animal abuse and neglect against the Wild for Life Foundation, by a party hoping to gain control of the charity, directly threaten the very health, welfare and future of the innocent rescue horses and burros the Wild for Life Foundation so dutifully serves. 

“We are not sure why they are doing all this, but we do know one thing for sure,” stated WFLF President and Founder, Katia Louise. “What they are doing is 100% contrary to the  safety, wellbeing and future of the very animals that WFLF serves to protect.”

In just nine years, the Wild For Life Foundation has built a solid reputation based on integrity and compassion with its extraordinary work in advocacy and hands-on care for animals in desperate need of help. The successful WFLF rescue and sanctuary program specializes in the lifesaving and rehabilitation of wild and domestic equines and provides a safe home and haven, for animals in need.

As a charity, WFLF relies solely on tax deductible contributions, and counts on your continued care and compassion to help us to protect and be there for our equine family.


The Wild For Life Foundation (or WFLF) is a non-profit, animal protection and rescue organization that focuses primarily on the rescue and rehabilitation of wild and domestic horses and burros from roundups, slaughter and general abuse.  WFLF is a federally registered grassroots volunteer based nonprofit charity established for the prevention of cruelty to animals with a focus on animal welfare and the protection of wildlife. We vigorously work to save, protect and preserve abused, neglected, displaced and slaughter bound wild and domestic equines, and educate to raise compassion and improve the standards of protection for America’s equine populations as a whole. 
Federal ID No. 26-3052458