Production Announcement

Humanion Films
May 21, 2009
For immediate release:

Production Announcement: Feature Documentary Film for the Benefit of Horses

Humanion Films and is in production on a series of documentary films centering on the advancement of compassion for animals. Production began earlier this year under WFLF's new film label Humanion Films. The working title for this feature documentary is, “For the Benefit of Horses”.

Humanion Films serves to provide inspirational media toward motivating the public to become actively engaged in the support of ending cruelty to animals. Humanion Films mission is to produce Documentary Feature Films and Television Broadcast Media which advocates for global animal protection.

Advisory Board members on the film currently entitled, “For the Benefit of Horses” include Laura Allen, Dr. Nena Winand, John Holland, Paula Bacon and Shelley Abrams.

Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Producer, Director & Screenwriter; Katia Louise is widely known as a spokesperson and champion for the health and welfare of animals. She is a lifelong animal & environmental advocate and she is recognized for her investigative documentaries as an advocacy journalist. Ms Louise works together with some of the country's top horse experts, and rescuers in effort to raise awareness for the abolishment of equine cruelty. Earlier this year she produced "Saving America's Horses" an audio documentary for international radio. Katia is also known as the popular talk show host of WFL Endangered Stream Live Talk Radio for Animal Protection.

Associate Producer
Debra Lopez is known for her extensive background in animal advocacy and rescue work. She is the Executive Director of Animal Fairies Charities, Producer and Host of Animal Advocate TV and President of Caveman Productions. Lopez, though Animal Fairy Charities created the first ever Musical Horse Aid in 2008 which brought attention and much needed funds that helped support horse rescues around the country. Inspired by her love for thoroughbreds and most recently by the late great Barbaro, Lopez co founded Americans Against Horse Slaughter, a non funded national grass roots organization in effort to help end the slaughter of American horses. Ms Lopez is also a popular singer/ songwriter and a (WAMI) Nominee for Songwriter/ Producer of the Year. She continues her campaign in quest of raising public awareness for the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act with a song she recently wrote called “Racing For Time”.

Art Department
Amanda Daniell is a life long animal activist, a fine artist, writer and poet. Amanda has been working in the animal rescue field for some time and she is also a Co-Host and Contributor for WFL Endangered Stream Live Talk Radio for Animal Protection.

Filmmaker, Katia Louise states, “We have a compelling and riveting film in the works which promises to arouse strong public outcry in support of America’s horses. The film is attracting the attention and support of key industry names with several of the country’s most renowned and prominent horse experts on board and others still joining in.”

The feature presentation is anticipated to receive strong reviews and is moving forward quickly. – Completion expected fall 2009.