Production News 6/3/09

Humanion Films
For Immediate Release
June 3rd, 2009

WFLF’s film label, Humanion Films goes public with the title for their documentary feature film SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES which is in part inspired by the successful documentary audio program produced under WFLF’s radio label, WFL Endangered Stream Live. The production began earlier this year and was previously known as FOR THE BENEFIT OF HORSES.

Production announced that this festival bound film follows the life stories of a few horses in a journey through time while taking a focused look into the business of horse slaughter. This movie seeks to advance compassion for horses, raise awareness for their suffering, and expose the corrupt driving forces behind the cruelty.

“Healthy vibrant horses are disappearing, never to be seen again. Find out where they are going, how they're getting there, what's really happening to them. It's a potentially life changing film presentation that speaks to a broad demographic through inspirational anecdotes, riveting investigative reports, stunning audio/visuals and compelling solutions.” – Katia Louise, filmmaker.

"...This feature film will help raise much needed awareness of the plight of the many American horses that face a brutal and inhumane end of life. The production team is organized and the material is very informative. I'm excited about this film and proud to be on board." - Shelley Abrams, Co-Founder American’s Against Horse Slaughter

The film’s recent expert to join in as an advisory board member is Julie Caramante, an equine cruelty investigator. She was responsible for obtaining the FOIA documentation that brought to light the horrific cruelty of horse slaughter practices which had previously been completely hidden behind closed doors.

Production also announced the official launching of the film’s new website, blog and social network pages. Fans and supporters are encouraged to visit and explore the film’s new website and get banners, exchange banners, subscribe to blog updates and add the film at Twitter, MySpace & Facebook.