Help Stop the barbaric Slaughter of America's Horses

"Saving America's Horses" is crucial in raising awareness for federal legislation that would ban the slaughter and export of our American horses. The film will undoubtedly persuade public outcry to end this brutal and inhumane practice." – Debra Lopez, Co- Founder AAHS, Associate Producer, “Saving America’s Horses”

Saving America’s Horses; A Nation Betrayed

From pro-slaughter lobbyists, to laws filled with loopholes, to corrupt institutions and to fake welfare organizations, horses in America face complete betrayal under barbaric cruelty. By supporting the “Saving America’s Horses” documentary film project you can help create a time of No More American Horses Slaughtered.

Working together, we can help people understand that horses deserve to be treated with love and respect throughout their entire life. Your donation today will fund programs that bring hope to all of America's horses.

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The horrific slaughter of horses can be stopped with your help. With your support, we can bring "Saving America's Horses" to the public’s eye, expose the truth and raise the public outcry needed to end this cruelty.

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