Americans Against Horse Slaughter Call to Action

WFLF Humanion Films

Oct 4, 2009

WFLF Humanion Films is pleased to announce that the founders of Americans Against Horse Slaughter have stepped up their support efforts on behalf of the film project, “SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES A NATION BETRAYED”.

In a recent statement made by the filmmaker, Katia Louise said, “I am humbled and honored by the opportunity to bring additional recognition to the founders of American's Against Horse Slaughter, Debra Lopez and Shelley Abrams; for their most recent expression of generous support for our film project.”

In an unprecedented call to action, Co Founder Debra Lopez addressed the entire membership of AAHS, asking them to take a look at “Saving America’s Horses” and support the film with donations.

Representatives from American’s Against Horse Slaughter state they are an all volunteer, non funded grassroots organization that encompasses constituents from all 50 states and abroad and they have no other agenda but to end horse slaughter and the cruel transport of our American horses across our borders for slaughter.

In the Debra Lopez’s letter she said, “…In an effort to help raise mass awareness for our horses who continue to suffer a cruel and brutal death, we are encouraging you to take a look at a film that is currently in production called
Saving America’s Horses and the profound collaboration that this project has achieved.

Saving America’s Horses is a full length documentary feature film that depicts a Nation betrayed, a country divided and recounts the cruel and inhumane journey our horses endure until they reach their brutal death in slaughter houses for the sole purpose of dinner plates overseas.”

SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES A NATION BETRAYED’ mission is to protect all horses from slaughter. Some of the Honorary Board Members who have come on board to help support this film include Celebrities, Paul Sorvino, Tippi Hedren and well known musician/entertainer Maria Daines.

Support in the form of
donations and/or in-kind donations will help WFLF complete this film and support their efforts to bring this film to completion for viewing in the film festival circuit and theaters across the country. Humanitarians are requested to tell their friends and family about SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES A NATION BETRAYED. Donations are needed in order to complete this film ASAP!

In support of the mission for the film project, to protect all horses from slaughter, Humanion Films recently released an Issue Trailer. Representatives are confident that the trailer will raise awareness and support for the CAUSE and hope to inspire more support for the making of the film through completion.

The Official Film Trailer will be released later in November and will reflect the tone of the film.




Other Ways To Help

1) Tell-A-Friend
SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES also relies on you to spread the word about our project. Asking a friend or family member to sign up for our action alert is a great way to help the horses!

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2) Support this Film

Saving America’s Horses, the documentary film allows you to help save horses by helping us to give them a voice. In addition to donations, you can collaborate! From sharing your personal stories, to banner exchange, to sponsorships, to submitting a statement, to contributing goods and services to in-kind support, our film website has it all.

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