Come Stand With Us!

Dear Horse and Burro Enthusiast,

We are stepping up our efforts to gain recognition and support in the fight against horse slaughter. In consideration of your passion for equines, we are inviting you to support this cause. The mission of “Saving America’s Horses- A Nation Betrayed.” is to Protect All Equines From Slaughter. This film seeks to expose the truth, and advance compassion for equines. It's crucial in raising awareness for the public outcry needed to ban the slaughter and export of our American horses.
By standing together with us in support of this mission, you will without a doubt help to raise awareness and support for the horses and burros. The film production is founded on a coalition over thirty of the nation’s top horse experts, investigators and organizations supporting this CAUSE. Come stand with us!

We believe that...
• Horse slaughter is NOT humane and cannot be made humane
• Horse slaughter does not stop; has nothing to do with Abuse, Neglect or Abandonment of equines
• Americans do NOT support human consumption of horsemeat
• A Federal Law permanently banning horse slaughter in the US is necessary
• A Fed Law permanently banning the transport of equines for slaughter is necessary
• Wild horses and burros belong free on the range
• A moratorium on all BLM round ups is necessary
• Horses may become homeless, but No horse is “unwanted”
• Horse owners should have the right to humanely euthanize their equine
• Equine owners and breeders must take responsibility for the life of each equine in their charge

To join in this effort, just send an automated email with your Name. Organizations, Groups and Entities are also invited! Your name and or organization/ entity will be recognized on the official film website as part of this united effort to ban the slaughter of all equines, both

If you have a banner or logo for your website and would like to have it displayed on the recognition page to further show your support for this cause, CLICK HERE.

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Message from Filmmaker

For the horses and burros~

Katia Louise

Director/ Producer
Saving America’s Horses- A Nation Betrayed
West Coast Regional Coordinator
Americans Against Horse Slaughter

See Film Trailer Here!

Message from Filmmaker

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