Standing Together for the Horses (on Halloween!)

Happy Halloween from
Wild for Life Foundation and
Saving America's Horses

You can help bring this film to the public eye with a meaningful donation. Help WFLF meet it's goal to complete SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES A NATION BETRAYED in 2010 and release in 2011.

Saving America's Horses is about a journey of courage, honor and betrayal in a country divided: inspiring great hope for the protection of all horses and burros from the cruelty of slaughter.

Lifetime Equine Refuge & Rescue (LERR) is the Equine Rescue division of Wild for Life Foundation. We support the rescue of slaughter-bound horses. LERR is a volunteer-based, equine rescue and rehabilitation organization located in Southern California.

Standing Together for the Horses:  The above photo features Diego, a noble Thoroughbred rescued by WFLF through the course of making the film, Saving America's Horses. (Left: Saving America's Horses Line Producer Mario James, Center: Diego, Right: Katia Louise) 

Come Stand With Us!

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