Funding of Inspections for Horse Slaughter in the U.S.

Dear friends and supporters,

Legislation was voted on today that could have funded horse slaughter in the U.S. with your tax dollars! But there was an amendment brought to the floor by Congress Moran to restore the "defunding" language and that amendment won by a vote of 24 to 21. 

Great work everyone!  Thanks for all your phone calls and faxes and emails!!

You can see how controversial this is even in the House, just by the votes.  Our government needs to hear from us more often about how we feel about this issue and they need to be told the true facts.  The proponents of horse slaughter are organized, well funded and deep rooted.. they have people calling all the time to persuade our representatives with misleading propaganda to keep horse slaughter going.

We still have to get new legislation introduced and passed that protects our horses so that they cannot be shipped out of the country for slaughter!! Together we can do this, but it's going to take some effort. 

For the horses and burros~

Warmest regards,
The Team
Saving America's Horses