Fatally Betrayed Equines: Katia Louise's Saving America's Horses

For Immediate Release
Wild for Life Foundation
(Los Angeles, CA, August 31, 2011)
Fatally Betrayed Equines: Katia Louise's Saving America's Horses

We are extremely honored that Supreme Master TV (SMTV) is bringing the story of "Saving America's Horses" to the world's attention. This exclusive interview with filmmaker Katia Louise is combined into an investigative report by SMTV on the most serious cruelties inflicted upon both wild and domestic horses. Their report includes slaughter footage and other scenes NOT included in the movie "Saving America's Horses". Their coverage will surely raise awareness around the world for the horses.

 "I just watched the SMTV report myself for the first time today," said Katia Louise, "I've done investigations, researched this for years and I've witnessed most every equine cruelty, but even though I provided the interview for this segment; the way that SMTV put this together, it still brought me to tears".  SMTV reaches compassionate animal lovers and viewers from around the world who before this coverage most likely knew nothing about what happens to the wild and domestic horses of America. 

We caution those sensitive to witnessing graphic imagery to be aware that SMTV takes a no-holds-barred approach to covering the issue of horse slaughter. Visuals obtained through other sources are layered alongside the exclusive on camera interview with Katia Louise as she underscores the need for equine protection.  It's a heartfelt interview that will educate and move people at their core.

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