"Saving America's Horses - A Nation Betrayed" Leaves Crowds Spellbound

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Wild for Life Foundation
Los Angeles, CA
(Aug 24, 2011 - "Saving America's Horses - A Nation Betrayed" Leaves Crowds Spellbound

The special advance screening of "Saving America's Horses", the lifesaving film showcased at the Grauman's Egyptian on August 20th to a theatre filled with a tremendously moved and inspired audience. Viewers traveled from around the country and came away extremely moved and inspired by this life changing film. Moviegoers attended from a wide variety of backgrounds including film industry professionals, families, longtime horseman, trainers, pro-horse advocates, celebrities and cast from this film.

Katia Louise and Michael Blake

There was a very strong showing of support by the First Nation's People. Tribal leaders and Elders attended along with tribal members to take a stand in support of protecting America's Horses. "It’s time to be walking in the healing; live in the surplus that we throw away. The truth has been stated. It's why this film has been made; to bring back the love and joy in our world. The spirit nation of horse is not only a part of the land but they are the land as much as we are. If we don’t look out, the next film will be "Saving America". - Spiritual Leader Daniel Ramos, Apache, Eagle People and Thunderbird Clan

"Saving America’s Horses drew a crowd unlike any other I’ve seen in a long time. The film motivates the heart, the soul the mind.. The audience was spellbound and moved to make a difference.. the kids were amazed." - Michael Bailey, Planetviews Productions
Elaine Livesey-Fassel and Susan Weingarten

"Saving America's Horses - A nation Betrayed needs to be in every theatre in the country.. It may be the only chance these horses will have." - Dale Bartlett, HSUS

The red carpet was buzzing as guests poured into the beautiful Egyptian Theatre to take in this important documentary film. The lively Q and A panel discussion following the screening included Academy Award winning screenwriter Michael Blake, Mario James of Wild for Life Foundation, founder of Return to Freedom Neda DeMayo, Dale Bartlett of HSUS and Madeline Bernstein from the SPCA-LA and award winning filmmaker Katia Louise.
"A Nation Betrayed is the perfect title... it's extremely moving and very clear. The horses are facing their last stand, and we’re next." -Neda DeMayo, Return to Freedom.

Daniel Ramos, Katia Louise and Tonya Littlewolf
Calamity Cate, Katia Louise, Neda DeMayo, Nancy Stanley, Harrison Held and Truffles

In answering the first question posed to the panel, "When will this film be publicly released and distributed?" film director Katia Louise announced that "the film had just begun post production".  She said, "the chief objective of this next phase is to get the film publicly distributed".  Mario James of WFLF stated that finishing funds are needed to bring the film to the next level and 100 % of the donations made toward this CAUSE go to helping the horses and getting this film seen.

The crowd lingered for hours at the "Saving America's Horses" film booth following the screening. People who arrived as strangers became close friends and many also became supporting members of Wild for Life Foundation's lifesaving Equine Protection Program. A special limited edition "Saving America's Horses" film poster designed to commemorate the historic Grauman's Egyptian showing was made available on a complimentary basis to new members as they joined on site.  Among the many new and excited members joining were Neda DeMayo - Return to Freedom, Dale Bartlett - HSUS and former jockey Robert Dello Russe. "Supporters can also easily sign up through the website and receive one of these beautiful posters by mail, while supplies last" said Mario James, WFLF.

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