Match the Good Labor Day Tweet – A – Thon for “Saving America’s Horses”

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Wild for Life Foundation
(Sept 2, 2011)

Match the Good Labor Day Tweet – A – Thon for “Saving America’s Horses”

It’s Labor Day week end, so what better time to make helping horses go viral! Get involved by joining the Tweet – A – Thon in support of the Match the Good Challenge. Right now you can double or even triple the value of your donation! Every dollar you give will be matched up to $2500! Canadian horse advocate donor, Victoria (Vicky) Hailey has pledged to match up to $2500 in donations toward the launching of "Saving America's Horses" in Canada. Vicky's company, Management Diagnostics and The Victoria Hailey Group Corporation has made this generous pledge to help make the end of horse slaughter for domestic and wild equines a reality on both sides of the border. Plus she is also challenging other Canadian businesses to match her $2500 pledge dollar for dollar.

The Match the Good Labor Day Tweet – A – Thon is part of the WFLF “Saving America’s Horses on World Stage Campaign” which is raising support to release this lifesaving film far and wide. Vicky Hailey is a supporter of the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition and a member of the WFLF Saving America's Horses Equine Protection program. She is calling on fellow Canadian horse lovers to donate what they can and tweet about it over the Labor Day week end. The Tweet- A-Thon can spread the word quickly; raising the awareness of even more people about the need for equine protection. We invite you and your friends to join us by helping to match or even top her donation.

Your gift will help bring this extremely compelling film resource to the policymakers and to the public at large. Your donation can help in many ways such as helping to pay for theatre rentals, digital to film processing, film rating and by boosting the distribution of this film to the masses through various forms of distribution.

Canada Premiere:
We invite you to join us for history in the making by attending the first advance screening of “Saving America’s Horses” outside of the U.S. We are extremely honored that Film North International Film Festival has selected “Saving America’s Horse” as part of their program. The screen's Premiere location in Canada will take place on Sept 25th, in Huntsville Ontario. Tickets can be obtained through the festival.

Donate now at the film website to help bring this film to the masses, or take part in the Match the Good Challenge and help launch this film in Canada

Thank you for your continued support on behalf of the horses. By helping to spread the word and tell your friends about WFLF's "Saving America's Horses", you are giving the horses the voice they so very much deserve.

Wild for Life Foundation and the Team at “Saving America’s Horses”

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“Saving America's Horses” is a cause driven documentary project under Wild for Life Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charity which is dedicated to saving and protecting equines from cruelty. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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