The RBC Environmental Theme Award goes to “Saving America’s Horses”

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Wild for Life Foundation 
Los Angeles (Sept 30, 2011) 

The RBC Environmental Theme Award goes to “Saving America’s Horses”

"Winning Best Environmental Film is one of the most celebrated environmental and community honors in film making today and we are extremely grateful to Film North for this prestigious recognition," said filmmaker Katia Louise. 

"Winning, Best Environmental Film will open the door to much increased exposure on behalf of the horses" - Mario James, WFLF. "Saving America's Horses" brings to surface the need to protect and preserve equines and serves as a platform for leaders in the movement for protecting nature to have their voices heard. Wild for Life Foundation extends their utmost gratitude and recognition to the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition, former mayor Paula Bacon, Jualine and Robert Eldridge of Kaufman Texas, John Holland of the EWA, Jeff Ruch of PEER, Wildlife Ecologist Craig Downer, Peter Smith of the Wildwood Trust, UK for their hard work and research which is brought to light through this brilliant documentary film.

Twyla Francois, Katia Louise & Shelley Grainger
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) just recently announced their global commitment to help protect the world's most precious natural resource: fresh water. To help launch that effort they sponsored the RBC Environmental Theme Award at the International Film North Film Festival  in September 2011 and “Saving America’s Horses” won this prestigious award.

"It is the time we live in now; the moment of truth... it is time to come together and acknowledge what we are doing to ourselves" - Daniel Ramos, tribal spiritual leader.  Film North's theme; One Word, One World; Environment became the perfect conduit for “Saving America’s Horses” environmental message. This intelligent and powerful film explores the destruction of life on our planet by looking at the pollution of fresh water, the degradation of open range lands and how we treat the animals that we share our world with; such as the horse.

Hat's off to the entire team at "Saving America's Horses" for receiving this extremely special and meaningful award!

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