Winner Best Environental Film: "Saving America's Horses"!

"Saving America's Horses" WINS the RBC Environmental Film Award at the 2011 International Film North Film Festival.

We are extremely honored to receive this award, said filmmaker, Katia Louise. The entire team at “Saving America’s Horses is absolutely thrilled.  “”Saving America’s Horses” sends a powerful message that we are all connected: horse, man and nature. As Katia says in the film, “Their future is our future.” 

Film North screened this year's best contributions to this thought provoking and critical subject with a focus on their theme, “One Word, One World; Environment”.  “Saving America’s Horses” is an intelligent and powerful film that explores the environmental impact of the horse slaughter industry, the overgrazing of livestock and the removal of wild horses from open rangelands.

Royal Bank of Canada was a leading sponsor in this year’s festival and they have made a global commitment to help protect the world's most precious natural resource: fresh water.  As part of the environmental message brought forth in “Saving America’s Horses”, shocking evidence is revealed of exposure to toxic contaminants in freshwater supplies and the history of ramped environmental violations by horse slaughter plants.

"Saving America's Horses" premiered in Canada on Sept. 24th winning this prestigious award. The screening was graced by the presence of the filmmaker, cast, sponsor Vicky Hailey, and board members from the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition.

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