America's Horses Facing Abusive USDA Slaughter

For Immediate Release
Nov 16, 2011
Wild for Life Foundation,
Los Angeles, CA

Despite overwhelming support to keep horse slaughter out of America three legislators have undercut the safety and welfare of our horses. Since 2006, Congress has prevented horse slaughter in the U.S. by cutting funds for inspections of horse meat from its annual Agriculture Appropriations bill, but the fate of America's horses has now been undermined in one swift move. There has been overwhelming support by the American public, the horse community and the House of Representatives to include defunding language in the 2012 Agriculture Appropriations bill but special Conference Committee members Representative Jack Kingston (R-GA),  Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI), and Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO), just removed that language from the final bill.

The extensive evidence of insidious cruelty when horse slaughter was permitted in the U.S. underscores the crucial need for protective legislation, but the truth about the misuse of humane guidelines by the proponents of slaughter has been a powerful device in their deceiving campaigns. "One of the biggest challenges in getting protection against the cruelty of horse slaughter is the constant misinformation propagated by proponents of horse slaughter and then circulated by the media," said Katia Louise, Founder Wild for Life Foundation, Director "Saving America's Horses".

"The action to restore the federal program will cost Americans at least $5 million a year and pull limited USDA inspectors from ensuring the humane treatment and safety of our nation’s food supply,” said Chris Heyde, deputy director of AWI’s government and legal affairs department.

Wild for Life Foundation is calling on everyone who cares about the welfare of America’s horses to demand that Congress pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act immediately. We must stay vigilant in our efforts to educate the public and our policymakers about the truth of this barbaric practice.

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