Saving America's Horses from USDA Slaughter

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Imagine what it would be like not to worry about the safety and welfare of our horses... that they would be safe from predators who would like to slaughter them or eat them. - And now imagine the joy of compassion and comfort of a trusted equine by the side of a little girl or boy, ... or a retired veteran returning from fighting for our country.. These magnificent animals heal our hearts and souls and this gift is treasure and honor to behold. But our American horses now face the gruesome fate of slaughter on our own soil... subsidized with YOUR TAX DOLLAR$. But YOU can help save them just by voting for Wild for Life Foundation on Facebook. Log on and VOTE now! Your vote can help us win a grant from Chase Community Giving.

Hurry though!  We just found out about the Chase Giving program and there are only three days left to  VOTEWild for Life Foundation needs to be in the top 100 charities just to win the smallest share from Chase Giving.  With your help, - by telling all your friends, we could do even better and perhaps even win the grand prize which would be enough to release this film publicly by early 2012.

Imagine the full power of "Saving America's Horses" on the big screen in a theatre near you!

Our horses needs this intelligent and touching documentary film so that the American public can find out what's happening... what's really going on. It's NOT okay to abuse, slaughter or eat our horses. Please stand with us, cast your VOTE today and make a difference for all wild and domestic equines tomorrow.

Thank you.
Katia Louise
Filmmaker, Saving America's Horses
Founder and President, Wild for Life Foundation

PS - All donations to Wild for Life Foundation go to helping the horses. Wild for Life Foundation is dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving all wild and domestic equines.  You can also help by VOTING for Saving America's Horses to win a spot on national TV. Check out our inspirational clip here.. It's sure to touch the hearts of the American people - which will open their eyes to this issue. VOTE now!

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Awards and Accolades:
BEST IN FESTIVAL: Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival
BEST ENVIRONMENTAL FILM: FILM NORTH Huntsville International Film Festival, Canada
ACCOLADE MERIT AWARD: Advocacy, Visuals, and Investigative Journalism

"Masterfully presented!" – Larry Lindner, New York Times best-selling writer 
“Fantastic! Powerful and compelling” — Greg MacGillivary, MacGillivary Freeman Films (IMAX)  
“It’s the freight train that will roar through our country awakening, engaging and empowering the public." – Jo Anne Normile - Founder of CANTER, former racing breeder, owner, and BOD of the MI HBPA & M-TOBA
 “It blows the lid off the abysmal horse slaughter industry in America.” — HarrisonHeldStarMedia
“Brilliant and heartbreaking exposé.” — Laura Allen, Attorney – Animal Law Coalition
"It raises the bar for animal welfare in this country.” – Shelley Abrams, racehorse owner, Co-Founder AAHS