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We just found out about the Chase Giving program and there are only three days left to  VOTEYour VOTE today could propel us into  the top 100 charities so we could win $25,000.  Better yet, - by telling all your friends, we might even win the grand prize which could be enough to release this important film publicly by early 2012,  Please help BAN horse slaughter before they build a slaughter plant in your town!

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It's NOT okay to abuse, slaughter or eat our horses. Our horses need this intelligent and touching documentary film so that the American public can find out what's happening... what's really going on. Please stand with us, cast your VOTE today and make a difference for all wild and domestic equines tomorrow.
Help bring the full power of "Saving America's Horses" to the big screen in a theatre near you!  

Voting ends Nov 22nd, Please vote today!

Thank you.

Katia Louise

Filmmaker, Saving America's Horses
Founder and President, Wild for Life Foundation

For the first time since 2005, there are NO riders that would prevent horse slaughter in the United States! As of this morning, Obama has signed HR 2112!

VOTE for Wild for Life Foundation at Chase Community Giving