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Wild for Life Foundation
Saving America’s Horses
Los Angeles, Jan 17, 2012

Heroes for Horses Educate and Inspire by unveiling Saving America's Horses new brochures.   To help launch the endeavor, featured cast member Beverly Strauss of MidAtlantic Horse Rescue and PJ O'Dwyer - author of "Relentless" are generously sponsoring beautiful color prints for the lucky visitors of this year's Horse World Expo in Maryland.

Meet former racehorse trainer turned longtime dedicated horse rescuer, Beverly Strauss; a featured cast member of the landmark film, "Saving America's Horses"... and also meet author PJ O'Dwyer of the acclaimed new novel, "Relentless". Visitors of their booths can take home a stunning print, compliments of MidAtlantic Horse Rescue and PJ O'Dwyer, Jan. 20-22 at the Expo.

"The front side of the print brochure boasts a beautiful landscape with wild horses that we filmed at Return to Freedom's Wild Horse Sanctuary during the making of this life changing film, ...and the descriptive content captures the essence and  intrigue of "Saving America's Horses" explains the filmmaker, Katia Louise. The back side is completely educational and includes talking points and information on the protective legislation.

Sample excerpt: "Adventure across America’s beautiful countryside exploring the world of wild horses as never seen before; 'Saving America’s Horses A Nation Betrayed' presents a focused look into the world of equines both wild and domestic. Yesterday’s Thoroughbred racehorses and today’s wild Mustangs are finding themselves thrown together on journeys unknown, to places far away..."

2012 brings a new year of hope with the public release of "Saving America's Horses" just around the corner, and Wild for Life Foundation is honored to have the support of caring advocates, like Beverly Strauss and PJ O'Dwyer taking part in such meaningful ways. MidAtlantic Horse Rescue is also a Championship Supporter...and will also be accepting donations toward the 2012 public release of "Saving America's Horses" at the Expo!

We are delighted to recognize and honor Beverly Strauss and PJ O'Dwyer as "Saving America's Horses" Heroes for Horses in recognition of their benevolence and support for the horses.  Check out the "Saving America's Horses" Ambassador and Heroes page now! 

Now you can take part too! .. and see how YOUR LOGO can be included on the set of brochures that you sponsor.

Beverly Strauss is the Co Founder of MidAtlantic Horse Rescue. She’s a lifelong horsewoman, former racehorse trainer and owner. Beverly has been rescuing thoroughbreds from kill pens at livestock auctions for years; working with them and places them into new homes as riding horses and sport horses. Through MidAtlantic Horse Rescue Beverly has rescued and placed over 400 thoroughbreds directly, as well as saving another 500+ thoroughbreds for other rescues. Beverly Strauss is also a contributor to the award winning film, "Saving America's Horses", which brings much need awareness to the need for public support of horse rescue.

"Relentless" the novel by PJ O'Dwyer: When six horses go missing, headstrong horse rescue owner Bren Ryan becomes her neighbor’s prime suspect—she’s in the business of saving them, and he’s a kill buyer who slaughters them for profit. "RELENTLESS is a stirring and intriguing story that intertwines the important issues facing our horses. It made me laugh, cry and left me hanging on the edge of my seat more times than I can count." --Shelley Sawhook, American Horse Defense Fund Washington, D.C.  Advance Reader Copies of “Relentless” will be offered by the author at the expo with part of the proceeds going to “Saving America’s Horses”!

"Saving America's Horses" is an educational project under Wild for Life Foundation, a 501 c3 nonprofit charity dedicated to protecting, saving and preserving wild and domestic equines. Donations to Wild for Life Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law. Learn more, order brochures, and to donate visit www.SavingAmericasHorses.org

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