Dear Friends,
America's horses need your help right now. It's a pivotal time for the horses and we are at a crossroads in our quest to save them , but time is of the essence. We need your help to get this film out before it's too late!

There are two crucial ways to help.
1. Donate
2. Help build buzz

But time is running out. We need reach 400 people who will each give just $10 each, to the SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES' Coast to Coast campaign

The primary goal of the SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES' Coast to Coast campaign is to bring this landmark film to public release across the country ASAP.
Click here to see how many minutes, hours and days are left through the GlobalGiving challenge.  Please help SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES' Coast to Coast campaign  reach a whole new audience of supporters for America's horses.

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It's easy and it's fun and you'll be helping us to build buzz for this important educational film project.  

Or Text GIVE 10167 to 80088 to donate $10 to Saving America's Horses Coast to Coast TODAY! 

You can also SCAN or pass along the QR Code for your friends to scan with their cell phone.

Saving America's Horses Coast to Coast campaign is inspiring social change with its powerful and lingering tour-de-force documentary that timing is pivotal, with the ongoing elimination of our wild horses from the rangelands and the escalated push by foreign investors to reopen horse slaughter plants in the U.S. 
Right now we have a very short opportunity to earn a permanent place on the powerful GlobalGiving fundraising platform. They have raised a lot of support through donations for many other worthy projects and we believe they will see the value in supporting this project for the horses.

You can help us reach this crucial goal by forwarding this message and sharing and tweeting this link to SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES' Coast to Coast campaign right now:


The Team at Saving America's Horses