CALL TO ACTION: Support the Moran Amendment to stop USDA funding for the slaughter of horses on US

Wild for Life Foundation
Saving America's Horses
June 12, 2012

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Calls needed to support the Moran Amendment to stop USDA funding for the slaughter of horses on US soil by contacting your State’s member of the US Full House Committee on Appropriations. Call the Capitol switchboard and ask to be connected to your state's representative. 202.224.2131.

Rep. James Moran (D-8-VA) will submit an Amendment within the next few DAYS to the Full House Committee on Appropriations prohibiting funding of USDA horse slaughter inspections necessary to export horse meat. If this amendment becomes law, no facility for the slaughter of equines for human consumption can operate in the U.S.
Last fall, 2011, the Congress and the President ended the de-funding, making it legal to slaughter horses for human consumption in the U.S. once again. Until then horse slaughter for human consumption had been illegal in the U.S. since 2007.
To learn more see and share this short WFLF PSA:

Support the Moran Amendment by callingfaxing with the following recommended message:

Capitol switchboard: 202.224.2131

Please contact U.S. Representatives for your state ONLY
Contact Information
Harold Rogers, Kentucky, Chairman
P) 202-225-4601 F) 202-225-0940

C.W. Bill Young, Florida
P) 202-225-5961 F) 202-225-9764

Jerry Lewis, California
P) 202-225-5861 F) 202-225-6498

Frank R. Wolf, Virginia
P) 202-225-5136 F) 202-225-0437

Jack Kingston, Georgia
P) 202-225-5831 F) 202-226-2269

Rodney P. Frelinghuysen, New Jersey
P) 202-225-5034 F) 202-225-3186

Tom Latham, Iowa
P) 202-225-5476 F) 202-225-3301

Robert B. Aderholt, Alabama
P) 202-225-4876 F) 202-225-5587

Jo Ann Emerson, Missouri
P) 202-225-4404 F) 202-226-0326

Kay Granger, Texas
P) 202-225-5071 F) 202-225-5683

Michael K. Simpson, Idaho
P) 202-225-5531 F) 202-225-8216

John Abney Culberson, Texas
P) 202-225-2571 F) 202-225-4381

Ander Crenshaw, Florida
P) 202-225-2501 F) 202-225-2504

Denny Rehberg, Montana
P) 202-225-3211 F) 202-225-5687

John R. Carter, Texas
P) 202-225-3864 F) 202-225-5886

Rodney Alexander, Louisiana
P) 202-225-8490 F) 202-225-5639

Ken Calvert, California
P) 202-225-1986 F) 202-225-2004

Jo Bonner, Alabama
P) 202-225-4931 F) 202-225-0562

Steven C. LaTourette, Ohio
P) 202-225-5731 F) 202-225-3307

Tom Cole, Oklahoma
P) 202-225-6165 F) 202-225-3512

Jeff Flake, Arizona
P) 202-225-2635 F) 202-226-4386

Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida
P) 202-225-4211 F) 202-225-8576

Charles W. Dent, Pennsylvania
P) 202-225-6411 F) 202-226-0778

Steve Austria, Ohio
P) 202-225-4324 F) 202-225-1984

Cynthia M. Lummis, Wyoming
P) 202-225-2311 F) 202-225-3057

Tom Graves, Georgia
P) 202-225-5211 F) 202-225-8272

Kevin Yoder, Kansas
P) 202-225-2865 F) 202-225-2807

Steve Womack, Arkansas
P) 202-225-4301 F) 202-225-5713

Alan Nunnelee, Mississippi
P) 202-225-4306 F) 202-225-3549

Norman D. Dicks, Washington
P) 202-225-5916 F) 253-593-6551

Marcy Kaptur, Ohio
P) 202-225-4146 F) 202-225-7711

Peter J. Visclosky, Indiana
P) 202-225-2461 F) 202-225-2493

Nita M. Lowey, New York
P) 202-225-6506 F) 202-225-0546

José E. Serrano, New York
P) 202-225-4361 F) 202-225-6001

Rosa L. DeLauro, Connecticut
P) 202-225-3661 F) 202-225-4890

John W. Olver, Massachusetts
P) 202-225-5335 F) 202-226-1224

Ed Pastor, Arizona
P) 202-225-4065 F) 202-225-1655

David E. Price, North Carolina
P) 202-225-1784 F) 202-225-2014

Maurice D. Hinchey, New York
202-225-6335 F) 202-226-0774

Lucille Roybal-Allard, California
P) 202-225-1766 F) 202-226-0350

Sam Farr, California
P) 202-225-2861 F) 202-225-6791

Jesse L. Jackson, Jr., Illinois
P) 202-225-0773 F) 202-225-0899

Chaka Fattah, Pennsylvania
P) 202-225-4001 F) 202-225-5392

Steven R. Rothman, New Jersey
P) 202-225-5061 F) 202-225-5851

Sanford D. Bishop, Jr., Georgia
P) 202-225-3631 F) 202-225-2203

Barbara Lee, California
P) 202-225-2661 F) 202-225-9817

Adam B. Schiff, California
P) 202-225-4176 F) 202-225-5828

Michael M. Honda, California
P) 202-225-2631 F) 202-225-2699

Betty McCollum, Minnesota
P) 202-225-6631 F) 202-225-1968