Committe Votes to impose a Ban on Spending Taxpayer Dollars

For Immediate Release
Wild for Life Foundation
June 19, 2012
Los Angeles, CA

The Moran Amendment has passed! The Amendment imposes a ban on the spending of taxpayer dollars for USDA inspection of horses that was lifted in 2011, and will now be part of the House version of the Agriculture budget. The bill is set for a full House vote in coming days.

The addition of the Moran Amendment to the farm bill is a major upset for the proponents of horse slaughter that were aggressively pushing to open new slaughterhouses in the U.S. this year. The protective language was lifted from an annual appropriations bill last year when it reached the Senate and a special conference committee of just four individuals, and Senators Blunt and Kohl and Congressman Kingston voted to drop the language. Had the entire Senate voted on the amendment last year, it would have no doubt passed.

As we continue our diligent pursuit of justice and to bring the truth to the mainstream, we will keep close watch on this bill and the related activities. 

Today's important victory marks a turn in the tides but we must stay vigilant in our efforts to insure that America’s horses are adequately protected from insidious slaughter. Until a federal law is passed to ban the slaughter of America’s horses, they will continue to be shipped across federal borders for horsemeat which is sold as a delicacy overseas.

We at Wild for Life Foundation believe that America’s horses deserve to be protected and the public deserves to know the truth.  There is still much work to do. We must continue to stand strong, stay united and keep the pressure on. If you haven’t yet done so, please take a moment to sign the Pledge to help Stop Equine Cruelty.

Change happens when we stand together to fight for America’s equines.

Thanks to all your hard work and calls on this important issue!!

Katia Louise
President, Wild for Life Foundation
Saving America's Horses

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