ALL NEW, "Justice for America's Horses" PSA Campaign

For Immediate Release
Wild for Life Foundation
Los Angeles, CA
July 9, 2012

Now see the ALL NEW, "Justice for America's Horses" PSA, in HD with voice-over and beautiful endearing visuals. This Public Service Announcement is now available for immediate scheduling for multimedia news.

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"Justice for America's Horses" is a new PSA from Wild for Life Foundation to raise awareness about the reality of horse slaughter. The PSA comes in the wake of the recent push by foreign investors to expand a niche market for horse meat sold as a delicacy abroad.

History shows us that USDA inspections failed to stop the terrible suffering inside US horse slaughter plants. The governments own reports document shocking violations before US plants were shut down in 2007. "If horse slaughter obtained plants are reopened in the U.S., horses will undoubtedly suffer torturous agony on U.S. soil again," states Katia Louise, President of Wild for Life Foundation. "The new PSA, JUSTICE FOR AMERICA'S HORSES is clear and disproves the misinformation of special interests. Very clearly, horse slaughter is not good for horses."

80% of Americans oppose horse slaughter. This PSA underscores the reasons. Inhumane and at odds with American values, horse slaughter interests would receive millions in taxpayer dollars to re-open. 80% say no and want their voices, and message, heard.

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The production of "Justice for America's Horses" was made possible by generous in-kind support to Wild for Life Foundation by IMA Studios, Maria Daines and Paul Killington.

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