Celebrating Horses and the Promise of Freedom on this 4th of July

Happy Independence Day!
As we celebrate our right to freedom in America, let us also celebrate the majesty of the horse, and reflect upon the freedom they represent, the value of that freedom and what it means to life.  Your continued efforts to help protect these magnificent animals and keep them free from abuse and cruelty, free from gruesome death, and keep the wild ones free on our public lands, is making an indelible mark on the footprint of humanity.

The magic of change begins when one life is changed by a single experience.  You can help us deliver the promise of freedom for America's wild and domestic equines through SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES, a life changing resource that cultivates action and inspires social change.

Please help us raise awareness for this important cause by sharing our 4th of July message with your friends and family.  Ask them to join us as we awaken the moral fabric of humanity and break the cycle of animal cruelty for America’s horses. Together we can create a better world tomorrow for our horses, the environment and humanity.

With gratitude,

Katia Louise
And the Team at Saving America's Horses
Wild for Life Foundation


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