Stand United for the Horses

Wild for Life Foundation
Los Angeles, CA
August 21, 2012

Wild for Life Foundation and Animal Law Coalition are calling on all horse advocates to keep the safety and the welfare of America's horses as their 1st priority during the election.

The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act is bi-partisan bill that will protect America's wild and domestic equines from cruel and barbaric slaughter. The bill has support among both Republicans and Democrats, and among members of President Obama’s administration and also those working on Gov. Romney’s campaign. Regardless of who is elected, we will reach out and make every effort to work with the president and members of Congress to pass this bill. 

We are not suggesting you should not support horse friendly candidates. You certainly should! But let’s not let politics or differences on other issues divide us on this very important effort to stop slaughter and protect America’s wild and  domestic equines. “As the Lake Research Partners poll established, 80% of Americans oppose horse slaughter,” said Laura Allen, Founder, Animal Law Coalition. “Let’s focus on making sure the candidates know this and why the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act should become law.”

Now more than ever, we need to multiply support and momentum to help the horses. The horses cannot  afford to lose any ground.  Wild for Life Foundation and the SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES Initiative has worked hard over the past several years to unite advocates from both camps; the two biggest equine welfare issues in America - "slaughter" and "wild horse". There are currently more horse advocates and groups collaborating efforts for the horses than ever before. "We simply must stay united for the horses," says Katia Louise, President, Wild for Life Foundation.   


You can help support The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, SB1176 and HR2966 by contacting your policymaker(s) with an automated email. Click here to follow this link.

Share the "UNITED WE STAND" banner on your website, on your social media pages and with your email network. The efforts to save American’s horses are bi-partisan and we need to keep them that way.
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