SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES - Naming Opportunity

Wild for Life Foundation
Oct 2, 2012

Great news! The initial Academy deadlines for the 2012 theatrical release of SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES have been met and the arrangements for its bi coastal release are in motion.

Sponsorships for the 2012 release bring meaningful and exciting opportunities to embrace social value with purpose through the protection of America's horses. 

SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES is endorsed by many elite equine professionals including prominent horsewoman, Victoria McCullough of the Triumph Project, Bing Bush Jr. prominent racehorse attorney/ owner, Nick Zito Hall of Fame Thoroughbred Racehorse Trainer and Dr. Nicholas Dodman DVM BVMS MRCVS DACVB, among others. The reviews for SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES describe it as a “Superb in every respect,” “Very moving and effective,” “A brilliant exposé,” “Masterfully presented!” “A powerhouse narrative,” and “A must see film”.

Meeting the initial Academy deadlines was made possible through a generous donation received from Victoria McCullough of The Triumph Project.  Named after the rescue of an aged Belgian workhorse, The Triumph Project was founded by Victoria McCullough of the Davis-McCullough Foundation as an awareness campaign to enlighten citizens of the  US and abroad of the egregious mistreatment and betrayal of horses  that have served  in battle, sport and  pleasure.

Sponsorship opportunities for the release event are available for a limited time. Act now to claim the EXCLUSIVE NAMING OPPORTUNITY or one of the few Presenting Sponsorships. Your company can receive high visibility and acknowledgment through the promotion of this release at special events and more.  And with a meaningful donation beginning at $5,000, you can receive recognition, promote good will and champion the way for the protection of America's horses.

The release of SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES' is anticipated to make a huge impact for America's horses now and for generations to come. 
The opportunity to take advantage is short, but the benefit of good will and recognition will go on for generations to come. Take part and become a Sponsor today!  



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