Baby horses caught in the cross fire of the turbulent Navajo roundup

Sept 15, 2013, Update on Navajo foals- The surviving foals that had been rounded up with their mothers last week in the widely contested Navajo government-mandated roundups, which the vast majority of  Navajo people oppose, are safely recovering and receiving needed veterinary care at the local county humane shelter. Livestock officials have reported that the mothers of these foals were shipped to slaughter.

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Sadly, 989 wild and domestic horses and burros were captured to date, in the Navajo government roundups, which were funded with American tax dollars. The tally includes wild horses and both branded and unbranded family pet ponies, trail riding horses, ranch horses, burros and more. 

According to the Navajo President's roundup orders all unbranded horses were subject to shipment on the same day they were rounded up.  However, the turn around time from roundup to sale has often taken place in less than 24 hours for many of the captured horses and burros.
Wild for Life Foundation's search and rescue teams together with partnering rescue team members, are working behind the scenes to locate and save as many horses and burros as possible that were captured during the turbulent Navajo roundups.  More rescue and adoption information will be posted as it becomes available. 
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