Spiritual Leader Inspires Protection for Wild Horses

Growing efforts elevate life, healing, and give horses hope

News Release | April 1, 2015 - Spiritual Leader, Daniel Cualtli Yahtl Ramos of the Dine, Apache and Yamassee tribes is recognized as a Good Will Ambassador to the Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) and its SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES Initiative.

“Daniel’s voice has touched so many people and is continuing to make a real difference in the lives of  America’s sacred and majestic horses,” said Katia Louise, founder and president of the Wild For Life Foundation.  “We are honored to welcome and recognize Daniel Cualtli Yahtl Ramos for his passionate and invaluable support for SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES. As a Good Will Ambassador Daniel’s voice will undoubtedly touch the heart of people and give strength to a more united effort in the protection of America's horses from unspeakable cruelty.”

Daniel Cualtli Yahtl also brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to WFLF’s equine assisted learning program as he continues to serve as a volunteer Chairperson on WFLF’s Wild Horse Sanctuary Committee Board with a focus on youth and adult rehabilitation.  Mr. Ramos recently retired from his lifelong career as a Supervising Children Social Worker for the LA County Department of Children and Family Services where he served the abandoned, neglected and abused children of LA County, and Deputy Probation Officer of the LA County Dept of Probation where he supervised youths in secure and open camp settings. 

Cualtli Yahtl (Eagle Warrior) has been a long time Ambassador to SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES, the movie; first speaking out at one of the film’s most prestigious openings in Hollywood, CA.  He has also contributed invaluable spiritual support to WFLF’s wild horse rescue and recovery mission.  “As a member of the Navajo tribe, Cualtli Yahtl shares a deep connection to our four-legged relatives and ‘carries the fire’ for their healing and protection in his ‘sacred earth walk’,” said Katia. “We are truly honored by Daniel Cualtli Yahtl and his passionate support for the Wild For Life Foundation and our efforts in Saving America's Horses.”

“Katia surely carries the prayer of our ancestors and Elder Councils with her amazing love for our sacred four-legged relatives,” said Daniel Ramos.  “It truly is a great honor to be part of this sacred work.”

As a Good Will Ambassador, Daniel Cualtli Yahtl seeks to raise awareness and support to aid in the protection and preservation of America’s wild and domestic horses from cruelty.  Cualtli Yahtl will continue to share his compassion for these children of our nation as he continues his journeys in the spirit world, sitting in ‘sacred ceremonies’ with “Elders’ of the Apache, Navajo, Hopi and Lokota nations, and those who hold the ‘Sacred Ways’.

“Many truths now are coming forward. We must come together to acknowledge that our four-legged cousins, our sisters and brothers are in peril. We must embrace them and bring back the joy in our world, the love in our world and live together in peace and in harmony,” said Daniel Cualtli Yahtl Ramos.

“Katia, Red Horse Spirit Hawk, is the four-legged entrusted one.  She is their “Angel” mother and daughter of the 4 winds.   I am thankful for Katia’s amazing courage, that what is so wrong must be undone and made right.”

WFLF’s Saving America’s Horses Initiative and its ‘Give Horses Hope’ program is dedicated to wild horse preservation and the prevention of equine cruelty through elevating lifesaving stewardship and the healing hearts of horses. The program strives to inspire the public to take a more active role in protecting and caring for wild and domestic horses. Through human education, the program delivers a broad and balanced reflection of compelling prevention, conservation and preservation ethics—ways that illuminate how letting go of the old can lead to paths of healing and harmonious coexistence.

‘Saving America’s Horses: A Nation Betrayed’ is a multi-international award winning educational feature documentary film under Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF), an all-volunteer nonprofit charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving wild and domestic equines through rescue, sanctuary and education.  WFLF relies 100 percent on tax deductible donations to carry out its mission. Federal ID# 26-3052458

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Giving Back – Artful Limited EditionT-shirts that Aid America’s Wild Horses

Saving America’s Horses HOPE Tees for Horses T-shirts Give Horses Hope
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 21, 2015 - Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) today announced the last day of this month's HOPE Tees for Horses campaign, a special fundraiser event under its Saving America’s Horses Initiative. WFLF launched its first ‘HOPE Tees for Horses’ fundraising t-shirts in January as part of its ‘Give Horses Hope’ campaign. WFLF stepped up its creative efforts to raise awareness and funds to aid victimized horses in 2015, following its recording breaking year of wild horse rescue and recovery in 2014. Proceeds from the ‘HOPE Tees for Horses’ project work to instantly provide lifesaving rescue, urgently needed quality care, nutritious food, transport and safe housing for homeless roundup and cruelty victims.

Each month Saving America's Horses unveils a new design featuring lifelike images of majestic horses. This month’s Saving America’s Horses ‘HOPE Tees for Horses’ design features COCHISE, an American wild Navajo Mustang. After losing his freedom, his home and his family, this sacred Navajo Mustang was about to lose his life. His is touching story of courage, survival, love and triumph is raising awareness and crucial funds to aid victimized wild horses in
need. COCHISE is featured on the front of these shirts running to meet his surviving family members as they reunite at Wild For Life Foundation’s rescue and recovery center. These horses are just a few of the Mustangs that you'll be helping when you buy some of these artful limited edition shirts.

The shirts are available in youth and adult sizes, short and long sleeve, from $20. They can be purchased online through Booster, WFLF's crowdfunding site. But don't wait too late. These limited edition shirts are only available until 9pm PDT, Sunday, March 22nd. International orders are available!

“Wild for Life Foundation is committed to providing the best quality of life possible for all horses coming into our program,” said Ms. Louise. “As an all-volunteer nonprofit, we work around the clock to serve our mission and we rely entirely on the continued support of donations from our caring community members to help us in our work to prevent the starvation and cruelty of America's equines.”

WFLF provides a loving refuge for orphaned, distressed, injured, and displaced horses and burros to receive quality care and a second chance at life. Their wild horse preservation initiative offers a lifesaving and educational program for the rescue and long term sanctuary of wild horses and burros removed from America's rangelands. At WFLF rescue is just the beginning of a long, dedicated endeavor to provide for the needs of these homeless cruelty victims.

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