Saving America's Horses Puts America's Horses Front and Center

Never before has the need been so great to save, protect and preserve America’s horses. America’s horses are disappearing.  Without adequate Federal protection, every day hundreds of healthy, sound beautiful majestic horses are crammed into double deck cattle trucks and shipped across Federal borders where they are brutally butchered for their meat.  And, the
majority of people have no idea that this is going on. 

That’s why education is the key to making the changes needed for America’s wild and
domestic horses and burros.  "Saving America’s Horses", the movie is a game changer for America’s horses, but crucial funding is needed to help bring this powerful and compelling documentary film to the masses.

As we work around the clock to release this multi-international award winning film to DVD and beyond, “Saving America's Horses” continues to raise awareness and compel people to action.  

Just last week end we brought SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES to screen at the Equus Film Festival in NYC. Audiences came away from the movie raving and crowds gathered around our Saving America’s Horses (donated) billboard truck to learn more.  Gorgeous life-size wild horses running to freedom from cruelty were brought to the streets of the big apple – educating inspiring people to get involved.

Although the defunding of the appropriations for USDA inspectors in U.S. horse slaughter plants is currently back in place, America's wild and domestic horses continue to face the most  gruesome fate after being sold at local auctions around the country, then shipped for slaughter in Canada and Mexico. Awareness is key to lifesaving action.

We are working steadily to release Saving America’s Horses to DVD and to bring movie screenings to theaters and local community venues far and wide.

SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES is a powerful podium with a dynamic reach to animal lovers worldwide. This intelligent exposé also reveals how the public has been misled by several government agencies and corporate interests that run over the laws that are supposed to protect the horses, people and the environment.

Vital funds are being raised to put this powerful film in front of as many people as possible. Your continued support can help make this happen.

Thank you for your continued kind and generous support for this important project.

Katia Louise and the Team at Saving America's Horses