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September 17, 2016. Los Angeles, CA - Saving America's Horses issues a second warning to the public, "Don't be duped by the BLM and the recent flurry of media reports headlining relief for 45,000 wild horses and burros.

Plus, Saving America's Horses releases the 3rd PSA today, from the series, FACTS THAT REFUTE BLM MYTHS. This PSA features grand jury evidence of BLM horses going to slaughter as presented in the international award winning documentary, Saving America's Horses: A Nation Betrayed. “Filled with facts… Saving America’s Horses details the corrupt and negligent practices surrounding the slaughter of over 100,000 horses a year. Special censure is reserved for the Bureau of Land Management’s apparent brief against wild horses and the dismantling a protective 1971 government act.” —  NY TIMES

Saving America's Horses warns the public, "Don't be duped" by misleading headlines and propaganda. America's horses are NOT out of danger.

“BLM spokesperson, Tom Gorey, said in an email that the agency will continue its current policy of caring for unadopted or unsold wild horses and burros and will not sell or send any animals to slaughter."
“BLM is expected to formally respond to the panel at its next meeting within months.”

TRANSLATION: The fate of 45,000 Wild Horses and Burros remains under threat of extermination pending a formal BLM decision, after its next meeting, TBA spring 2017.

Huffington Post:
“The BLM will issue a formal response at the next board meeting in spring 2017."
“Despite the recommendation, the BLM will not euthanize or sell without limitation any healthy animals, agency spokeswoman Courtney Whiteman told The Huffington Post in an email.

TRANSLATION:  Selling the animals ‘without limitation’ or under sale authority effectively strips their protection from abuse and slaughter. And since BLM fails to enforce its sale authority policy, countless wild horses and burros remain in danger.

Fox News:
“…we will continue with our current policy, BLM said.”

TRANSLATION: Countless wild horses and burros may continue to be killed under BLM status quo practices.

The Arizona Republic:
“BLM: We do not 'and will not euthanize' wild horses.”

TRANSLATION: The BLM uses a variety of other methods to kill wild horses.

ProPublica: The U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management (BLM) sold 1,700 captured wild Mustangs to a known kill buyer by the name of Tom Davis, who purchases horses and ships them for slaughter in Mexico. BLM approved the sales to Davis, (who also works as a livestock hauler out of La Jara, Colorado) under the guise that Davis would sell the horses for use in movies in Mexico. Reportedly the BLM began shipping “truckloads and truckloads” of horses to Davis after his neighbor and business associate, Ken Salazar, became Interior Secretary in 2009. Salazar, a fifth-generation rancher, is heavily criticized for his involvement supporting the removal of Mustangs from public lands to make room for livestock grazing. Wild horses are additionally supposed to be protected by appropriations language, passed annually by Congress, which prohibits the BLM from selling captured wild horses for slaughter.

TRANSLATION: BLM wild horses and burros, sadly, do go to slaughter.

America’s horses are NOT protected and they are NOT out of danger.


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