New PSA Project series launched today by Saving America"s Horses, presenting facts which refute the myths generated by the BLM.

Sept. 14, 2016 - The Wild For Life Foundation, Humanion Films, educational division is releasing the series of PSA's produced directly from the searing indictment against the BLM as presented in the internationally acclaimed movie, Saving America's Horses: A Nation Betrayed.

Watch and share the first PSA of the series, FACTS THAT REFUTE BLM MYTHS... TRUTH: #1 BLM Withholds Water from Horses,

With over 44,000 innocent wild American Mustangs lives at stake, and under threat of EXTERMINATION by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), it's critical for these innocent beings, that we get the true facts out to the masses.  "We are asking people who care about the horses to share this information with their friends," said Katia Louise, Saving America's Horses filmmaker. "We must do everything possible to make sure the public does not get duped by the BLM."

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We must STAND TOGETHER and TAKE ACTION to STOP this looming Genocidal Atrocity - Before it's too late

On Sept 9, 2016 the BLM (, an arm of the U.S. government) Advisory Board voted to recommend EXTERMINATING over 44,000 innocent wild American Mustangs who have been brutally rounded up and are currently held wrongly under encampment. We must STAND TOGETHER and TAKE ACTION to STOP this Genocidal Atrocity - Before it's too late.

There are over 200 million acres of rangelands in the U.S. where these horses could roam freely, but they are quickly being eliminated by the same governmental agencies that claim to protect them. Unless action is taken, America’s wild equids will continue to vanish – a potentially catastrophic scenario for generations to come.

We cannot allow the dangerous and violent expulsion of America’s Mustangs from our lands. Through this petition and the Saving America's Horses initiative we will expose the systemic corruption that has left virtually worthless the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act, which is supposed to protect horses and burros. We can stop the killing and reverse the degradation to open rangelands caused by BLM mismanagement, and restore protections for the wild horses and burros, but we must act swiftly, get the true facts to the masses to effect the change that's needed. We must stand together to put en end to the scandalous mistreatment of these sentient beings and extend a circle of compassion to all living things.
Please take action now by signing this petition and and sharing it with your friends.

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