Saving America's Horses Alert! There has Not been a Retraction by the BLM

Direct questions to BLM head are ignored. Recommendation to destroy unadoptable wild horses and burros is left in place.

On Sept 20, 2016, Saving America's Horses contacted the head of the BLM raising questions regarding the recommendation to kill 45,000 wild horses and burros. 

We asked: 
  • If they had rejected last week's recommendation for mass extermination of America's captured wild horses and burros; 
  • If wild horses and burros on the range are also in danger of mass extermination;
  • For their confirmation that they will not use euthanasia as a means to manage America's wild horse and burro population;
  • If captured BLM horses and burros will be subjected to sale authority or the possibility of going to slaughter.

Instead of answering our questions they reaffirmed the following recommendation and told us their talking points.

"BLM should follow stipulations of WHB Act by offering all suitable animals in long and short term holding deemed unadoptable for sale without limitation or humane euthanasia. Those animals deemed unsuitable for sale should then be destroyed in the most humane manner possible.—Approved"

BLM  National Advisory Board Recommendations: 

There has been no retraction.


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